In line with the recent trend among main contractors to self deliver MEP services, some M&E and fire alarm contractors are following a similar route by bringing smoke control in house.

Although smoke control systems can be onerous to design and install for complex buildings, the majority of smoke shaft and AOV systems are very similar and well within the capability of a competent trade contractor.

Easivent, the product distribution arm of the leading smoke control specialist SCS Group offers a number of resources including a suite of training courses to help contractors through this process. Simple to install AOV kits designed to meet the requirements of Approved Document B of the Building Regulations are also available from the webstore.

Easivent has an approved installer scheme for contractors wanting to take smoke control in-house. Qualified contractors receive discounts on the complete product range, access to free technical support and how to guides.

Trade Contractors Doubling Profits by Self Installing Smoke Shafts

The rewards can be significant and customers report a doubling in profit through direct install when compared to employing a specialist to do the work as illustrated below.

Self-install_barchart.jpgCost breakdown for a typical project illustrating a doubling in profit  

One such customer, Wheeler Electrical, recently installed smoke shafts on a project in London and found the experience remarkably simple with Easivent’s support. Ed Wheeler states “We found installing the smoke shaft system pretty straightforward really – it saved a lot of time and effort. Working with Easivent, as always was pretty easy”.

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‘It’s pretty straightforward’ – electrical installer’s verdict after self-installing mechanical smoke shaft system for first time

Camberwell College of Arts is situated on Peckham Road, London, and is a popular choice for many with around 1,600 courses in art, design and conservation.

Its new student accommodation, also based on Peckham Road, is nearing completion and will offer 256 rooms to house people attending the college. Built by Hollybrook, it is due to open in early 2017.

Wheeler Electrical won the electrical contract for the development which included installing a mechanical smoke shaft system. With support from Easivent, Wheeler Electrical decided to self-install the system, using Easivent’s modular smoke shaft system.

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