Frequently Asked Questions

Control Panels

Q: How do I interconnect panels?                                      

A: SP300/600 control panels can be interconnected using a 2 core cable following the diagrams in the O&M manuals.

Q: Can I use the SP panels for daily ventilation?

A: Yes. SP panels have inputs for daily ventilation switches and wind/rain sensors to allow for daily ventilation. The switch inputs can also be used with a thermostat if required.

Q: Can I install an SP300 beyond a stairwell?

A: Yes. SP panels can be used in smoke shafts and for daily ventilation. In this case, the thermostats must be wired through the relay contacts and the dip switches must be changed to trigger the relay upon activation of the wind/rain sensor.

Q: How do I link an SP panel to a fire alarm system?

A: The SP panels can be linked to a fire alarm interface via terminals 28 and 29 on the panel. The end of line resistor should be installed in the fire alarm interface across a normally open contact.

Q: Can I install the SP-300 panel in the smoke shaft?

A: No. The SP panels should be installed in a riser adjacent to the smoke shaft rather than in the shaft itself.

Q: Do I need a switch at the top and the bottom of the stairs?

A: While approved Doc B of the building regulations only states that a Fireman’s Override Switch is required at the bottom of the stairs, it is common practice to also install an FOS at the top of the stairwell for test and maintenance purposes.

Q: Do I need to provide access to the panels for maintenance?

A: Yes. It is good practice to install the panels in accessible locations for future maintenance.

Q: How many smoke detectors can I connect to a single SP-300 panel?

A: 8 smoke detectors can be connected to a single SP300/600.

Q: Do I have to connect the system to a fire alarm system?

A: Connection to a fire alarm system is not specified in the standards and whether this is required or not is normally stipulated by building control/fire strategy.

Q: I have 230V smoke detectors installed. Can I use these to trigger the SP-300?

A: If the 230V smoke detectors have relay outputs then it should be possible to connect these to the panels using the fire alarm inputs.

Q: Do I need to buy a switch?

A: Yes. The FOS is required for use by fire officers on entry to the building and also provides indication of the status of the panel or system.

Q: How many cores do I need to install between the panel and the fireman’s switch?

A: 3 core cables are required between the panels and FOS.

Q: What type of cable can I use?

A: A category 3 type cable is required for all cables associated with smoke control. If the panels are also used for daily ventilation then the cables to thermostats and wind/rain sensors can be standard type.

Q: Can I connect the chain actuators directly to the fire alarm system?

A: No. The chain actuators work on 24V reverse polarity and require a secondary power supply to comply with building regulations.


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